A thoughtful, funny, and provocative, story that weaves character, place, and history into a rich lyrical tapestry, of an evolving world—one with a complicated past that begs exploration of race, heritage, and culture.

  • Full of humour and quirky characters that will make you laugh out loud?
  • A provocative look at slavery and its effect on both the slavers and the slaves
  • Afro-British Heritage in the colonial past and today
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The Islands Of The Caribbean

In this blog we explore the wonders and history of the amazing islands that make up the Caribbean.

You will discover the haunting troubled past of slavery pirates as well as the rich colonial heritage.

You will also get a glimpse at what it means to an Afro-Caribbean or expat colonial in an independent nation governed by descendants of slaves.

You will find out what has changed over the years and how life is today to live in this most wondrous world... The Caribbean

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