The Rogue Characters are a variety of black, white, and all mixtures of people. The first 30% of the book covers the everyday people who are, in many cases, unsung heroes. This leads to the knighted people, heroes, and legends.  History has its share of characters, from the early colonial settlers and  African slaves. There are fascinating stories of outstanding Africans, like Mrs. Pringle,  who defied all odds to become a legendary businesswoman. Mrs. Pringle took the future King of England to task and would stand no nonsense from anyone. In the section about the black experience, many outstanding personalities take to the stage. What follows are the visitors and the people who provide tourism products, services, and culture.

Places Also Have Character

Rogues Adventures -Chalky Mount
The Rum Shops and Chattle Houses are cultural icons of Barbados.  They are featured along with their personalities. Chalky Mount, features daredevil Rex Wotton, the son of Les and Muriel Wotton.

Rex is also featured in Pebbles, the Caves, and a terrifying, nearly fatal ordeal with his Dad on the cliffs at Animal Flower Cave, North Point.

Rogues Adventures With Rex Wotton

Rex Wotton- Rogues adventurer

Rex Wotton was among the most enchanting Rogues of Barbados. He had an amazing sense of fun and used it to win over every situation.

Once, when someone threw a drink at him, he promptly dumped the contents of a wine cooler over their head. When ridiculed by a comedian who made a cheeky remark about him, Rex returned the insult by stealing away the comics’ iconic green bowler hat. Straight past security and the doorman, he walked with a defiant air and his beguiling smiling chuckle.

This was his way, he would not let much pass him and always return insult with a double measure of the same, but it was wrapped in charm and style. He seldom showed anger, but it was ready when needed.

Rogues Adventures - Rex Wotton-at11-sailingtostvincent

Caribbean Islands Memories- Rex Wotton and his friend arriving in st. Vincent from Barbados

Sailing to St. Vincent with a friend at age 11 testifies to his spirit of adventure. He encouraged others to join him in pranks and outrageous adventures, making it all seem safe, easy, and a joy. Often reckless, he took extreme but calculated risks.

A Fearless Independent

Rex was independent at an early age and often took off for days at a time to camp along the banks of Joes’ river, catching crayfish to survive. He built campfires from coconut husk and twigs and cooked his catch with breadfruit, wild okras, plantain, and edible vines. He ate mangoes, and local berries like fat pork, and sea grapes, that grow along the beach.

joe's river wilderness

Leaving home with just the bare essentials, pants, shirt, shoes, Swiss army knife, a Panama hat,  and little else, he lived off the land:  He sheltered among trees, caves, and rocks, which he covered with bush and debris, creating a roof with palms and banana leaves. Banana leaves have many uses. Wrapped around food, they serve as a container for cooking over a fire. They make an excellent surface to serve up a meal, and can be used as a shade and a cover on which to lie down.

a Bathheba beach by joes river
Uncannily aware and ready for action, Rex had an air of supreme confidence and was a fearless leader who inspired others to live fully. He was a proficient seaman trained with the British merchant navy, a deep-sea diver, an explosives expert, and a jack of all trades.

Trained by the British Merchant Navy

He was a commanding high-energy figure at 5 feet 8 inches, well built, with untidy, light-brown hair and piercing blue eyes. Not one for formal exercises; he did not run, jog, push weights, or do any prescribed gym. Hard work, active play, and running the West Coast water was his exercise. He sailed, taught scuba diving, and was always busy fixing boats, engines, and gear. He ferried people, food, drinks, and scuba gear, from hotels to oceans and had a full schedule of on-the-job workouts. The scuba tanks were heavy, and it was a high-impact sport to pile 20 tanks into the old VW van. They had to be unpacked and stacked in the dive shop and later strapped onto guests for the deep dives and shallow water instructions. He was seldom still.

A Bold Bond Character

rex explosive expert

Coming out of the ocean at Settlers Beach Villa Beach Hotel, in full scuba gear, wetsuit, and tank, he looked like a James Bond character on a mission. He had a six-inch dagger strapped to his calf with sticks of dynamite around his waist. His mission was to plant explosives along the inshore reefs, set to blow when he got out of the ocean. It was a government-approved project to clear a swimming area for guests. The explosion shook the buildings just moments after he was on land. “Oh!” he chuckled, slightly perturbed, “Maybe a stick too much dynamite on that one.”

Trafalgi Falls Dominica

Trafalgar Fall Dominica

Rex died tragically climbing the rocks behind Trafalgar falls in Dominica. Torrential rains had caused the lake above to overflow and burst its banks. A torrent of water, rocks, trees, and debris tumbled down, sweeping away everything in its path.

It was not something a visitor would suspect, but locals know the mighty rivers’ roar and run out of the way. We lost a great friend and an inspirational being on that fateful day. His wonderful sense of fun and adventure is forever captured in the book Rogues in Paradise, where he appears in several chapters.

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