In ‘Seasons of the Soul‘, author Suzanne comments, “Leo Branch has guided me on my spiritual journey for over 20 years. He has such a wide and deep range of wisdom and guidance that he can often see what we cannot–due to our busy minds and belief systems. Leo’s guidance helped me to see our world and my world through wider eyes (through more Universal eyes). This has made me feel strong, safer, and more in love with this wonderful Universe!(i).”

Leo explains that  “The fundamental units of  Cosmic energy is the binding force of nature and knowledge. Our universe is the embryo of existence, and our physical lives are just fragments of time. We are all a unique product of universal energy incarnated.” This is the teaching of the great sages from the beginning of our earthly civilization, which is thought to have originated in Africa (ii). But, he explains, “Africa is an arbitrary point in time in the context of eternity.” He believes life did not originate on earth.

Africa, considered the birthplace of our human civilization, holds many secrets buried in the past. We know that the Egyptians charted the movement of the sun and constellations and the cycles of the moon. They developed the 12-month Calendar we use today. What is less known is that The Dogon people of Mali had charted Saturn’s rings, Jupiter’s moons, the spiral structure of the Milky Way and the invisible Sirus B star long before anyone knew of Sirus B existed (iii). “You must know the cosmic reality to understand that we humans are just a part of the reality of life.”

In this African genealogy of an astronomer, we explore the many dimensions of this unique human. Leo is a remarkable Barbadian keenly aware of his cosmic genealogical heritage and the Bajan demographics that influenced his journey. He has Astro-traveled (iv), is a guide to people navigating a troubled world, and is an inspired teacher and guru to many. As a passionate, innate Cosmic Man, and a consummate student of the universe, Leo shares a deep understanding of galaxies millions of light miles away. “We see the past in the present,” he tells us, “which poses the question: What is time? Can we see the future if we can see a million light-years into the past? Is it not a continuum that extends to infinity?”

A night of stargazing with Leo is a trip into the fantastic reality of everything.

His African, terrestrial and cosmic roots are existential and beyond the range of Earth-Bound  DNA  used for the characters in the book. Our roots, he explains: “Extend before the dawn of earthly civilization.”

In Barbados, African roots were more or less erased with slavery. The Colonial planters had no interest in roots other than those planted in fields and crushed into cane juice, sugar, and rum. But Leo explains that is of marginal consequence and says that our roots are beyond earthly constraints (v).

The book Rogues in Paradise explores the unknown reality of all heritage.


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