Rogues Guide to Anguilla

In this Rogues Guide to Anquilla we explore ideas for culture and attractions vacation in this tropical paradise. It comes packaged with stunning beaches, in a small island that offers total relaxation for those who seek it and activities for singles, families, groups and honeymooners.  Relax on the beaches or enjoy the various water-related activities e.g., scuba diving, parasailing etc or take an art gallery tour, Museum tour or go birdwatching. When night falls there is lively tropical entertainment. For those who are looking for tranquillity, you are sure to find it here in the Rogues Guile to Anguilla.

Guide to History of Anguilla

Guide to Anquilla History Culture and Attractions
About 4000 years ago the island was inhabited by Amerindians who came from South America. By the fourth Century Amerindians of the Saladoid culture were settled there and there remains up-to-date evidence of their culture.

Many artifacts have been found at 2 impressive cave sites. The island was then known as Malliouhana.

European settlers later changed the name to Anguilla and the island changed hands between the French and British during the 1700’s. During the 1800’s the island developed a plantation economy. It was a part of the St.Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla union for many years, during the time of the Federation.

Anguillans longed for more independence in their own affairs and on May 30, 1967 the Anguillan Revolution took place. Finally in December 19,1980 Anguilla became a separate dependent territory with some autonomy in Government.

Anguilla’s Natural Attractions

Guide to Anquilla- amazing beaches

Anguilla has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and many luxurious hotels have sprung up. Whether the beaches are used for swimming or simply relaxing or for the many water-related activities they draw the visitor to them. Birdwatching is a popular pastime as the island has a variety of beautiful birds. Art Galleries and studios are another drawing card for the visitor. Beaches and beach-related activities are the most popular activities. There is diving, fishing, glass bottom boat trips, parasailing, snorkelling, to mention just a few of the great activities offered. Birdwatching, hiking, spa and wellness as well as variety of art gallery and museum tours offer the visitor further choices to explore.

Things To Do On Anguilla

Although Anguilla is a small island there is much to see and do. Enjoy the relaxing beaches, swim with the dolphins, take a boat trip or engage in other water-based activities such as parasailing, snorkelling etc. A variety of art gallery and museum tours are available. Birdwatching, hiking, spa and wellness activities are also popular. Bring your party shoes or dance in the sand barefooted!! During July the visitor can enjoy the Carnival celebrations. A newly opened Jazz Club will attract the music lovers and there are many “hot” local bands providing calypso and soca music.

Guide to Anguilla Nature:

Guide to Anquilla suba diving and underwater life

Anguilla’s beautiful beaches are serene and tranquil. Places where can “switch off” and enjoy the wonders of nature. The underwater reefs and marine parks show the beauty “under water”. Swimming with the dolphins is an experience where one can marvel at the agility of these creatures. Take a day trip to neighbouring St.Martin, leave by ferry from the Ferry Terminal at Blowing Point. Explore Anguilla by scooter, bike, taxi or car. Anguilla is an easy island to explore on your own, if you prefer.

Family Vacations:

Anguilla is well suited for family vacations. Many hotels cater to children with excellent child rates, activities centre etc. Babysitting services are easily available. From enjoying the beautiful beaches and water-based activities such as swimming with dolphins to the land-based activities such as museum tours one is sure to find something to appeal to the whole family.

Health and Wellness:

There are many spa facilities which cater to the health of the body, mind and spirit. Fitness and wellness programs are widely available. Try the several up to date spa and fitness facilities while on your vacation.

Guide to Anquilla Romance:

Anguilla has been named one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. Weddings can be easily arranged for the visitor. The lazy days on the beach, or exploring the sites, sipping a rum punch and enjoying a gourmet meal and after dark enjoying the romantic music and ocean breezes—all these things are sure to please those looking for romance in a serene atmosphere.


Anguilla offers a variety of fine cuisine and most of the restaurants have lovely ocean views which adds to the ambience. Famous for its seafood dishes and rum punches. Try the Lemon Crusted Grouper and Scilly Cay style rum punch for example.

Guide to Booking Accommodation – Anguilla

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