This page will post the results of  ‘Discovering Bajan Roots with DNA’. But only if the participant agrees.

The first to volunteer is the soulful entrepreneur,  Errol Griffith. His DNA Analysis traces back to origins in Ghana and the Ivory coast where the largest tribe are the Akan People. 12 % of his DNA is European. Tracing his roots was a fascinating study.

I expect to complete several DNA tests over the next few months. If the results are completed before the book is published, they will be included in the book. In the meantime, this page will document the progress as well as difficulties and issues relating to testing and interpretation. At this time, no other DNA tests of the book personalities exist. This will happen as soon as I work out the logistics and confirm participation.

There are several DNA options to choose from – One of the most popular and affordable is Ancestry DNA. The PBS show ‘Finding your roots’ with Henry Louis Gates uses FTDNA and 23andMe.  Ancestry DNA is popular in Barbados, and it may make sense to standardize it.

DNA testing is taken from saliva samples and is easy and quick. With it, genealogy and heritage can be revealed. Family trees can be built with further tracking of heritage and ancestry. Our study will aim to establish genealogy where we can. The aim is to discover African roots and country, tribe, and origins of people.


Readers of the advanced draft of “Rogues in Paradise, said they loved the stories about the fun people of Barbados. But, they wanted to know more.

  • Who were they?
  • How did they get to Barbados?
  • Where did they come from?
  • What was life like where they came from? and
  • What were they called?At the same time, many of the book’s characters also want to know more about their African roots.

why use DNA to find your roots

Discovering Bajan Roots with DNA can help build the family history (genealogy) in cases with no ancestry records. Genetic variations occur among people of particular backgrounds, race, and ethnicity. The more closely related individuals, families, or populations are, the more DNA they share. With this analysis, heritage can be implied in many cases.

It is often impossible to trace roots via family connections in Barbados. Records are seldom available, and the habit of naming people after the plantation owners also obscure all trails of ancestry. There is little or no folklore, and almost every African Bajan ancestor was born in Barbados. Unlike many islands, Barbados stopped shipping Africans well before the end of the slave trade. From the beginning, Barbados had an equal number of men and women. Their children were born into slavery, and there was no need for new slaves. Africans born in Barbados did not have a direct connection to their ancestors.

While, DNA can help it is important to note that close relatives may not all share the same genetic matches. They may not always share the same DNA, and in that case, will not always have exact genetic matches. To share DNA with a cousin, you and your cousin both must inherit the same DNA from ancestors, As parents pass down only 50% of the DNA, and this percentage decreases with each generation, it can be very unreliable. Still, it is worth giving it a try. It would be great if Henry Louse Gates of the PBS show ‘Find Your Roots’ could do this!. Learn more at

Genealogy Started

This is the list of all Rogues who have started the Geneology process- Which means there is some ancestry information. It will include those who have completed the DAN ancestry research. To see those with DNA complete, see the list below

Genealogy DNA Completed

Potential DNA Test Invitees Chart

Roger Barker – Considering DNA – about
Photo coming soon. Roger has several cameo appearances sharing his inspired views and first-hand experiences on issues of race, roots, lifestyles, and history.

David a Bajan by birth and Charm

David Trotman. Considering. about

Dina Donna

Dinna Donna.  about

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