The DNA of Rogues in Paradise

Rogues in Paradise is the real story of Barbados, seen through the lens of everyday people, rogues, and heroes, it challenges the usual perspective written by the colonialists. While mindful, it is a  Fun, Provocative Saga of the Extraordinary-Ordinary Rogues, Heroes, Places, and History of Barbados. One of the book’s unique aspects is that several characters have elected to use DNA to explore their African roots. Bajans by any name and heritage are indeed Bajan, yet it is fascinating to explore the philosophy, history, and culture of one’s ancestors. While DNA tracing is not for everyone, it has been a positive and engaging reveal for several of the Rogues in Paradise.

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“I read about all DNA traits and ethnicity and identify with all. Dahomey and Benin people are self-reliant, and I certainly have the trait. The FON and EDO people left Nigeria to build a better life in Dahomey and Benin.” Woolly Hewitt, One of the Extraordinary Rogues in Paradise.

Trouble with ChatGPT Bajans Research

Today I asked ChapGTP how Bajans, also called Barbadians, got called by that name. Here is what it says:

“The name “Bajans” is a colloquial term used to refer to the people of Barbados, which is a Caribbean island country. The term’s origin is unclear, but it is believed to have evolved from the Bajan (Barbadian) dialect of English.

One theory suggests that the term “Bajan” may have originated from the West African word “badjan,” which means “a person from a different tribe or village.” This theory posits that enslaved Africans brought to Barbados and who spoke different languages may have used this word to refer to each other.

Another theory suggests that the term “Bajan” may have developed from the term “Barbadian,” with the suffix “-ian” being replaced by “-Jan” to create a more informal and colloquial term.

Regardless of its origins, “Bajan” has become a widely accepted and commonly used term to describe the people of Barbados, and it is a source of pride for many Barbadians.”

Cute! It’s the first time I heard that! I looked it up on Google search and got this Encyclopedia reference.’ I like the idea that the African Badjan may have been a factor.

“Badjan (Persian: also Romanized as Bādjān and Bādejān; also known as Bādejān-e Varzaq, Bādgūn, Bādījān, and Bādjān-e Varzaq) is a village in Varzaq Rural District, in the Central District of Faridan County, Isfahan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 2,251, in 582 families.

And also Badejan Akhureh (Persian: بادجان اخوره, also Romanized as Bādejān Ākhūreh; also known as Bādejān Ākhoreh and Bādjān) is a village in Barf Anbar Rural District, in the Central District of Fereydunshahr County, Isfahan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 303, in 70 families.

Bajan Geography is Off

I don’t think that Badjan, which is Iranian, works in the context of Bajan. The last time I checked, Iran was not in Africa.

Map of Iran-Badjan vs Bajan

I asked ChatGPT if they could recommend an image to go with my blog on Bajans – They replied:

As a language model, I do not have personal opinions or beliefs. However, when it comes to representing the people of Barbados, some common images that may come to mind include the vibrant and colorful culture, the beautiful beaches, the warm and friendly hospitality of the locals, and the country’s rich history and heritage. Barbadians are also known for their love of music, particularly calypso, and soca, and their delicious cuisine, including dishes like cou-cou and flying fish, macaroni pie, and sweet bread. Overall, a good image for Bajans would capture the country’s unique blend of beauty, warmth, and cultural richness.”

Interesting to know I was talking to a language Model!

Bajan - history and culture

Learn More About Bajans By Any Name

“Bajan” is commonly used to refer to people from Barbados, including white citizens of Barbados. The term is derived from the word “Barbadian,” the official demonym for people from Barbados. However, “Bajan” has become a more colloquial and widely-used term in both Barbados and among the Barbadian diaspora. Bajans are the main characters in the Book Rogues in Paradise.


The book traces how Barbados was the First Slave Society in the new world and why its history and people are unlike any other Caribbean island. It celebrates the Bajan character and explains their roots and history with true anecdotes and stories of everyday people, heroes, and legends.

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Summary Video of  Bajans Origins

An example of how ChatGPT thinks the name Bajans might have originated, but they got mixed up on geography. Check your results. It shows that even with its vast content database, it can be wrong—a warning to all who use ChatGPT.

Bajans are the stars in my Book Rogues in Paradise:
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