Bequia island in the grenadines is truly a one-of-a-kind gem. It is a Rogues Caribbean Classic Escape. In fact, Ian R. Clayton, author of Rogues in Paradise, has spent many happy times in Bequia. He wrote Unwinding at the Speed of Light which captured 5 days in Bequia that flew by with lazy days that seemed full of substance and meaning.  Here is the video from that trip.

Unwinding at the Speed of Light!

see the travel ogue of 5 days in Bequia –

Rogues Guide to the Caribbean recommends Bequia for those who want something different.

It is certainly a place to unwind but it also has a distinct character with which you will fall in love. Bequia is the largest of the St.Vincent Grenadine islands and is about 7 square miles. Known for its fabulous beaches and laid back atmosphere, it is the perfect place to relax and unwind. The rest of the Grenadines are within easy reach and are worth a visit and interisland excursions are a fun way to explore the grenadines.


History of Bequia

French and British fought over the island for over 200 years in the 17th and 18th century, finally became a part of St.Vincent in 1762 and in 1763 they both seceded to Britain. Many English settlers came to the island and sugar cane was grown using slave labor. One of the best-known settlers was the Wallace family who was from Scotland and founded the whaling industry. See a charming real-life historical account at

Bequia Island  Attractions

Bequia gingerbread hotels

gingerbread hotel

Beautiful beaches, breathtaking views, laid-back atmosphere, attractive harbors frequented by visiting yachtsmen, are just a few of the natural delights in Bequia. Great Diving sites for the enthusiast.

Rogues Guide to Activities

Bequia is a sales paradise: You will see many international sailors anchored in the harbour and you can rent a boat or jump aboard a cruise. The friendship rose does regular trips to the grenadines which are fun ways to explore the amazing waters around Tobago Cays and other delights.

Although the island is small, there are several attractive small hotels and guest houses. Many diving sites exist e.g a visit to the wreck of the Lireco shows how all sorts of marine life exists there. Hire a taxi and let them take you on around the island tour. Relax on the many beaches, visit the whale museum. Explore the island on foot, see the coconut plantation at Hope Bay and 200 old sugar plantation at Spring Bay. Be sure to look for the model boats which are made by the islanders and offered for sale at the various craft stores.


The small island offers a variety of activities.

Diving and other water sports and yachting between the other Grenadine islands are some of the main activities. Be sure not to miss a visit to the Tobago Cays – the water, coral reefs, and beaches and fish are spectacular- It can get a bit crowded but hopefully on the rebound from covid we expect it to be more sustainable.

Boatbuilding is popular and it is fascinating to see the boats being built, you can even buy a small model boat of your own. Even just relaxing on the beautiful beaches makes a visit to Bequia worthwhile.

Gourmet, Fun Dining off the Beaten Track

Bequia is famous for it’s great seafood dishes. Try the restaurants like Fernados and sample the local cuisine.
For the best lobster pizza in the world try MAC’S PIZZERIA. The lobster pizza is an island favourite.

Bequia Island Nature

Enjoy the beautiful beaches, enjoy the breathtaking views, explore the dive sites. The town is quaint with colorful shops, gingerbread hotels, and restaurants that amble along the lazy street by the beach. It is a very unspoiled atmosphere.

Family Vacations

Bequia-reef-beach-res familytauarant for all th
Families with small children will find the laid-back atmosphere and informality of Bequia very appealing. The beach restaurants are fun fo all the family and there is excellent boating and watersports for children of all ages.

A Bequia Island Romance


Bequia is a perfect getaway for honeymooners, and those looking for a relaxed atmosphere miles away for the stresses of life. Idyllic beaches, no crowds, just you and your special someone!!

Bequians love to party, there are often dances and jump ups organised by the locals, as well as entertainment provided by the hotels.

How to get to Bequia

bequia airport
Air –
There are no international flights into St Vincent & the Grenadines. Passengers coming from overseas must fly to a neighbouring island, often Barbados or St. Lucia, and then switch to a prop plane. Part of the adventure is to commute via St. Vincent, stop for lunch at Young Island and get an afternoon ferry for the one hour trip to Bequia.

SVG Air ( Also TIA and Mystique Air
flies from Barbados to Bequia (a 55-minute flight).

LIAT, Airlines of Carriacou, Mustique Airways and Air Martinique 
fly between St Vincent and Trinidad, St Lucia, Martinique and Grenada. SVG Air flies from St. Vincent to Bequia and Mustique.

Ferries: There is a good ferry service between St. Vincent the islands of the Grenadines. Schedule information can be found at

Private yachts may clear customs in Bequia and Mustique as well as St. Vincent and St. Lucia. Yacht may be charter in many of the islands.

Trips from Bequia to the Grenadines- Click Here for FriendShip Rose

Guide to Booking Bequia Accommodation

Check Availability and Rates for Bequia
Hotel and accommodation option

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