Rogues Guide - Islands of The Caribbean

Rogues Guide – Islands of  The Caribbean is a collection of  personal memories and checklists of islands of the Caribbean


Each island has its distinct history, culture, character, heritage, and attractions. These are highlighted with real stories and true facts.

Rogues Guide is a project of the book Rogues in Paradise. The Untold Real Story of Barbados: A fun and provocative narrative of real people, rogues, heroes, place, & history.


The Islands of the Caribbean

A paradise risen from a turbulent history of slavery and inhumanity. They rose, a string of treasure islands in a tranquil sea. A culture and a people of extraordinary character, each as different as the grains of sand. Survivors of the sins of time, independent, self-governing, and free.

The Rogues Guide of the Caribbean will captivate and draw you into the islands. Island life and character evolved through the decades of injustice to what we now know as the islands of Paradise. Now a world centre for tourism, the islands of the Caribbean are captivating with their beautiful beaches and historic architecture. Not to mention the glorious sunshine and sun-kissed beaches that are seriously irresistible.

Discover the Island’s Cultural Attractions with Rogues Guide

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