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Celebrating the people of babadosRogues in Paradise – The Real Story Barbados. Real people and stories of character, heritage, history, and the Barbadian (Bajan) experience of rising above a troubled past.

Foreword to People and Character

The main focus of the book is the local people of Barbados, the unsung heroes of the island’s success as a world-renowned travel destination and a thriving democratic republic. This is their story, with a few cameos from knights and dames and people of history. The rogues are genuine Barbados folk. People of shining character, wit, and wisdom who I affectionately call rogues. Check out what is a rogue to see what I mean.

Also, be sure to read the blog, Writing the Real story of Barbados. The blog explains how the book began as a set of essays and became a story. Prompted by my publisher, I reorganized it all and added chapters that were not initially intended. These were chapters that talk specifically about the Black Experience and Tourism. They give the book a deeper meaning and illustrate the exceptional qualities of the extraordinary-ordinary Barbados people.

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Rogues Trailers – Mystic Eyes

Mystic Eyes is a precursor to the intrigue and mischief of Rogues in Paradise. The rogues are heroes and everyday people, bubbling with character they tell the true and personal story of Barbados heritage, history, culture, and lifestyles. Learn more about Rogues in Paradise

Genealogy / DNA of Bajan Roots and Heritage

Errol Griffith | David Trotman| Woolly Hewitt 

Videos of Select Chapters and Personalities

The characters in the book range from village personalities and street vendors to sports legends, knights, and dames. All these incredible people of Barbados have a distinctidentity and character shaped by a troubled history and an enduring passion for life.

Below are snap-shots loosely related to the chapters. While not telling the story, you need to get the book for that, the videos give a flavour of Barbados. the island and its people.


Chapter 1 Pompasettin – Getting put in his place

The story of Pompasettin is a typical Bajan encounter, one man tries to pull one over, but he gets taken down by an innocent-looking woman who has a dagger for a tongue. Grab the book to read this spirited encounter and many more insights into the lifestyles, culture, and heritage of Barbados.

Life-Lessons from Paradise: 
Know your place and don’t step on others’ toes, or you may just get called out when you least expect it.

Chapter 2 Coconut Runner – Running on Coconut Fuel

Keith Cumberbatch is a champion marathon runner. He climbs coconut trees and drinks the water from 8 nuts each day. This he credits to his abundant energy and stamina that helps him run and win races amongst the best. Learn the benefits and truth about coconuts. A bonus is Keiths’ tips on climbing the tree.

For more on his genealogy, see:

Tracking African Roots of Barbados People – Marathon Man

Grab the book to discover how Keith keeps running on coconut fuel.

Life-Lessons from Paradise: 
 Keith shares his secrets on climbing, running, keeping fit in body and mind with the help of coconuts.

Chapter 3 Acerola Musing – A Loveable Genuine Rogue

Ace was one of the prime inspirations for the book Rogues in Paradise. He is the genuine article, full of mischief but utterly charming. Don’t miss out on meeting this outrageous loveable rogue.  Grab the sample chapters now.

Life-Lessons from Paradise: 
 Aces’ abundant charisma and personality make one wonder how people born with such natural charm and ability can end up living on the edge by choice or providence.

Chapter 9 Hastings Farmers Market – Where People Mingle & Shop

Hasting Market is a meeting place where visitors and locals mingle over coffee, dine on wholesome food, and enjoy arts and crafts while picking up farm-fresh fruit and vegetables. The vendors are an eclectic mixture of people, like all the characters in Rogues. Rogues will take you on an adventure to discover amazing and notorious people, places, and history.

Slicing Your Mangos in the Art of Caribbean Cuisine

Life-Lessons from Paradise: 
From Billy, the man who started it all:  “Try it – it is the only way you will know if it is a good idea and never fear failure. It is the way we learn.

Chapter 10 Artist Woolly Hewitt – Hijacking the Media

Articulate and determined, Woolly hijacks the media with a bold PR stunt that is a statement of the Bajan personality. Grab your copy of Rogues to meet an extraordinary array of characters.

Life-Lessons from Paradise: 
 It is a lesson in self-confidence and determination. You can do amazing things if you put your mind to it and just DO-IT!

Chapter 15 Pebbles Horses – Flintstone Stories

Any stories of pebbles must have flintstones in the mix. Rex Wotton created the flintstone cocktail by accident, and it struck gold. The swimming racehorses ran afoul of dumping laws. There was a big powwow ending with a twist that showed the warmth and humour of Bajans, even under stress.

Life-Lessons from Paradise: When dealing with serious matters under stress, always leave room for humour – it lightens the load, establishes balance, and spreads joy.

Chapter 19 Bathsheba – Windswept Getaway

Life moves at a different pace and people from all over the world come here to escape and commune with nature. There is nowhere quite like it. A bare-bones rustic nature experience will lift your spirit and open your soul. It is a sanctuary for artists and writers, like George Lamming, who is a writer in residence. Get the book and discover the Bathsheba lifestyle.

Life-Lessons from Paradise: 
Commune with nature in a quiet space where the ocean waves bring messages of time.

Chapter 20 Gullies, Caves, Clifts  – Adventure

Barbados is a unique coral structure of two separate lands pushed out of the ocean by volcanic activity long ago. The islands merged and buckled, creating fascinating formations with deep gullies and caves. Hunts Gardens thrives in a tropical gully that has become one of the most enchanted places on earth. Get the stories of adventure and intrigue in these mysterious and exotic places

Life-Lessons from Paradise: When you cooperate with nature magic happens.

Chapter 21 Rum Shops Community Centers For All People

Barbados rum shops are an integral part of Bajan Life.  They are community centers where gossip and liming, playing dominoes, and catching up on the latest news and intrigues are all part of the Bajan lifestyle. Rogues in Paradise will introduce you to a way of life that is tried and tested against all odds.  Don’t miss it – check it out here!

Life-Lessons from Paradise: 
The village is a community, and locals are its lifeline. Build up your community by supporting local enterprises.

Chapter 22  Chattel Houses The Peoples’ Home

The Chattel House is an iconic symbol of freedom. They were the first homes owned by former slaves. The planters rented the land, and because they could terminate the lease at any time, owners build houses that could be easily moved: Thus, the name Chattel House. Chapter 22 reviews the unique style, construction, and lifestyles of the new homeowners. Read the book to learn more about this Barbados icon and how Barbados slaves were the wealthiest slaves in the colonies.

Life-Lessons from Paradise: 
It’s the age of small and tiny homes are in style. We can all benefit from downsizing and doing with less.

Chapter 23 Rogues History – The Peoples’ (Bajan) Heritage

The history of Barbados is told as a true story, narrated with facts and gentle humour that makes the people, place, and history come alive. The English settled it by fate, luck, and bad advice, and no one dared to take it. Discover the errors and accidents that made Barbados what it is with a unique perspective on what it meant. Grab the sample chapters at

Life-Lessons from Paradise: 
Sometimes, the gems you seek are things you stumble upon. Take time to notice where you step and be sure your stepping stones are secure, or you may fall and lose it all.

Chapter 25  St. Nicholas Abbey – Murder Most High

St. Nicholas Abbey is the last standing Steam Powered Sugar Factory in the world- It is a relic of the classic-style Jacobean mansion and a desirable bit of real estate. Berringer owned it, but his partner Yeamans wanted it all: The land, the factory, the mansion, and Berringer’s wife. That set the stage for one of the most ignoble tragedies of greed and desire amongst the Barbados-landed gentry. Read this and other stories of Barbados Rogues..

Life-Lessons from Paradise: Greed can cause men to be mean and lose all sense of balance and compassion. Be blessed with what you have, and do not desire what is not yours.

Chapter 28 – Sam Lord – Pirates of Barbados

In this Chapter, Sam Lord tells his story that even he does not believe. It is an imaginative narrative based on historical facts peppered with insights into the lifestyles of planters and pirates at the time. It is the story of a spoilt and ruthless young Barbadian who builds a lavish castle and reaps treasures from piracy. Get the book to read this inspiring story. Get sample Chapters here >>>

Life-Lessons from Paradise: The spoils of piracy and abuse did not make sam a happy man.

Chapter 29  The Age of Rail

The magnificent steam-powered steel engines had a massive impact on the sugar and rum industry. Rail also allowed Bajans to see parts of the island they could not even imagine.

Life-Lessons from Paradise: 
Rail served its time and now exists in nostalgia. Maybe to return reinvented in another age.

Chapter 35a Inspiring Far Away

Errol Griffith turned from being a successful business person to a life dedicated to helping others. He created the Freemind Institute, the Barbados Blessing, and the Power of Choice initiatives. He has worked with prison inmates, schools, businesses, and communities to counsel and advise people from all walks of life. See his story in chapter 35 of Rogues in Paradise.

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Chapter 35b Into The Cosmos – Moved to 37

The story of  Leo Branch, the Cosmin Barbadian who made astronomy accessible and fun.

See his Genealogy at

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Life-Lessons from Paradise: 
Everything is possible with passion and dedication.


Chapter 36  Wind Hunters

From Errol Griffith, the Soulful Entrepreneur, to windsurfer stars like Brian Talma, Barbados’s ingenuity and passion built an island of tourism. Travelers come from all over the world, many are repeat visitors like US-born Jamie, who returns to his father’s homeland, and to surf the breaking waves with De Action Man. Discover the secrets of Barbados tourism with Rogues in Paradise.

See Brians his fascinating genealogy at

Life-Lessons from Paradise: 
Dream big and open your heart to all possibilities. Like Brian Talma, never give up on your dreams. We all can surf the waves of life.

Chapter 40 Conclusion and The Black Experience (using 38)



Rogues in Paradise: The Real Story of Barbados began as a collection of essays about individual characters, the unsung heroes of Barbados. With the guidance of a professional editor, it evolved into a nonfiction, fun story of the people of Barbados with a deep and meaningful look at race and culture. The blog Writing the Real Story of Barbados shares insights derived on the path to publishing an engrossing saga of wit and wisdom – Rogues in Paradise- The Real Story of Barbados.


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