Calum Glenny, the Avid Traveler, has shared an insightful blog that refers to the Dutch influence in the new world. They were instrumental in helping establish the sugar and rum industry of Barbados and were active in the slave trade.

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 How The Dutch New Amsterdam Became New York

 New York City Flag

The flags of New York City.

It is fascinating to learn that New York City was established as a Dutch trading post. It was initially called New Amsterdam but the British took it over and called it New York in 1664. King Charles II of England gave the land to his brother, the Duke of York and it evolved into the thriving metropolis today.

Since 1790 New York has been the United States’ largest city and previously (1785 – 1790) was the capital of the United States. The city flag is a vertical tricolour in blue, white, and orange, some also have the City seal in the white centre. The design is derived from the flag of the Dutch Republic as used in New Amsterdam in 1625.


Barbados Sugar, Rum, Slaves and The Dutch

This is interesting in light of the Real Story of the people of Barbados. In the book Rogues in Paradise, their influence on the sugar industry is chronicled in the story of Sir Paul Altman, who trades his ancestors moving to Barbados and the rise of Barbados as a sugar magnate in the age of slavery. Barbados became central to the slave trade, and the Dutch influenced the  islands in many ways. They were instrumental in transfering cane growing and rum making technology to the early colonial settlers.  Between 1596 and 1829, the Dutch transported about half a million Africans across the Atlantic. Large numbers were taken to the small islands of the Caribbean. However, many Africans landing there were subsequently trans-shipped to Spanish colonies and the new world.

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The Big Apple

The story of how New York became known as the Big Apple is also interesting, and it’s great to see how the nickname has become an iconic part of the city’s identity. It’s also fascinating to learn about Tartan Week, and how New York City celebrates its Scottish heritage.

Calums’ highlights of New York City,  will inspire many and it is good to remember the history of colonialism in the Caribbean and the Americas.

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