With a life that spans the Americas, Asia, and Europe, “Ian R ClaytonJourney of a Caribbean Author” offers a unique viewpoint that reflects the cultural narrative of the Caribbean. In a world characterized by diverse experiences and unique perspectives, Clayton stands out with a wealth of global exposure and a deep understanding of the region’s intricacies.

Having explored every Caribbean island and lived and worked in several, Clayton has witnessed the region’s multifaceted evolution. The journey of his latest book, Rogues in Paradise, began in Barbados, where he founded the world’s first digital destination encyclopedia, the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia.

Over the years, Clayton has seen the transformation of Bajan entrepreneurship, turning the island into a Caribbean hub and a burgeoning financial center. Furthermore, the Bajan youth have contributed their innovative spirit to the tourism industry, breathing new life into the island’s attractions.

As a seasoned travel writer and tourism professional, he brings depth, balance, and humor to his storytelling. With a solid educational background in hospitality and catering in the UK, a degree in business systems from Concordia University in Canada, and postgraduate studies in computer science at McGill and Concordia University (MSc ABT), he is well-equipped to explore various aspects of slavery to becoming a republic.

His self-published books, such as ‘How to Build Your Business Online,’ ‘Website,’ and ‘Digital Media Technology,’ have earned recognition, including Amazon Best Seller status. Additionally, his contributions to numerous magazine articles cover various topics, including travel, technology, the environment, and marketing.

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