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First-ever GEOCADDER for a Novel

Rogues in Paradise is the first-ever implementation of GEOCADDER for a Novel. The implementation is an upgrade from the previous Google map. The difference is stunning. 

The Google version of this map was not fully interactive. It did not zoom automatically and had several limitations. For example, several chapters have stories that include several locations.  G-Map simply created a new number, meaning the chapters were not correctly numbered. Fixing that meant downloading files, modifying them, and uploading them into a new map. Very tedious and laborious! GEOCADDER by contract has a simple online spreadsheet that you update as needed.

The interactive GEOCADDER map is a Rogues tour of Barbados. As you click on points or the legend, the map zooms to the area, and a summary of that chapter story pops up. Click here for more about the book.

Mapping Technology

As a pioneer in desktop mapping, I have a particular affinity for mapping technology. My initial foray in this area was with a product we developed at AXSES called GeoAXSES. It was a desktop mapping system used in the Fundy Main & Georges Bank (FMG) ecoAtlas and the InfoAlas for Barbados. The technology was the recipient of an Atlantic Canada Opportunity Agency (ACOA), innovation award. 

The FMG project was considered one of the most advanced of its kind. It involved the government, industry, education, and environmental scientists along the Eastern shores of Atlantic Canada and the USA. 

 So when Desislav from GEOCADDER”,  contacted me on LinkedIn, I was eager to know more. We had a few back-and-forths on LinkedIn; the result is the above map.

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The GEOCADDER Solution

The  BarbadosRogues Tours GEOCADDER  map is created with the Mapbox GL JS library and Google API services.

Desislav Petrov is a web maps and GIS developer who uses the following languages and technologies for his projects: Mapbox, Leaflet, Google Maps, ArcGIS, JavaScript, Python, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, QGIS.

He creates interactive web maps for many clients’ needs, like maps of the employees, offices, partners, networks, properties, etc.

See his portfolio:  



Rogues Tour of Barbados

Barbados Rogues - Specieghtstown

There will be a series of GEOCADDERR ENHANCED Rogues tours in the future. The tours will take different routes and include several chapters. The tours will suggest stopping-off places, like restaurants and other sites along the way.

To tour the island and see all it offers, consider doing your own Rogues tour by following the places and people in the book. The best way to explore the island is to rent a car and go at your own pace. A taxi tour is tops for those who prefer to let someone else drive. Ruffing it in public transport is a fun adventure and very local. All of that will be available as a FREE Barbados Rogues Tours bonus to book buyers.

For example, Rogues History Tour #1

Start in Bay street in Bridgetown, by Copacabana, across from Ms. Pringle’s hotel (Chapter 26). From there, drive to Speightstown, where Ayscue first mounts his attack on the royalist forces (Chapter 24a). It is a delightful heritage town with a unique museum, art center, and excellent restaurants. There are fun places to stop, shop, visit, get refreshments, and enjoy the view. 111 East – and Little Bristol are distinctive funky places to visit.

Head to Bathsheba and stop at St. Nicholas Abbey of the Yeamans and Berlngers Saga (Chapter 25). Jump on the Train and relive the Age of Rail (Chapter 29). drive down the hill, and you are in Bathsheba (Chapter 20). The Round House, Atlantis, and The Eco Lifestyle Lodge are fun places to stop for afternoon tea or lunch. Have lunch at Atlantis or Eco Lodge here, and take a water stop at 111 East in Speightstown on your first trip.

 Rogues Tours Google Interactive Map

Google Interactive Map

Barbados,org Geocadder Map

Geocadder Demo

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