The world is full of mysterious stories throughout history that enthrall us with unknown secrets. The Mysteries of History from the lost riches of King Tut to the fascinating tales behind ancient civilizations, something is captivating about uncovering the secrets of the past.

We start with the Barbados Story- From Slavery to Republic.  An extraordinary people who overcame an inhuman past and became a self-governing republic. Checkout the review here   >>>-

The book Rogues in Paradise weaves through personalities, history, heritage, and place with a unique conclusion that explains little-known truths about this tiny Caribbean island.

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The Book of Barbados Story – Rogues in Paradise


“A wonderfully unexpected book- History with a soul.”

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Review by Reedsy Publishing:

“Rogues in Paradise” brimming with elegance, wit, and a touch of humor that keeps you utterly captivated.” Savyasachee Jha

The mystery in the Barbados Story is ‘how are Bajans so friendly and welcoming,’ considering the abuse of the past.

Ian R. Clayton, a seasoned traveler and tourism expert, invites readers on a charming journey through the Afro-British Caribbean culture of Barbados, introducing the eclectic blend of its everyday and extraordinary inhabitants.


Rogues in Paradise Short Review Video

Brian Talma is a featured personality who explains the mysteries of the last of the bronze class – His ancestry shines a light on an essential part of Bajan society.


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Author Ian R. Clayton