Introduction To Nevis

A place of unspoilt beauty, perfect for getting away from the stress and strains of modern life. Small and serene, it is full of historical interest—birthplace of Alexander Hamilton who helped to draft the US constitution.

Charlestown the capital retains much of its original character. Nevis is truly an island where nature reigns and there are several interesting nature trails and island exploration trips to be enjoyed.

Also, fascinating wildlife experiences –birds and bats, sea turtles are just a few of the many animals to be viewed.

History of Nevis

Nevis is well known as the birthplace of the celebrated American, Alexander Hamilton and was also the island where Admiral Nelson married Frances Nesit.

In common with many of the islands Nevis was originally occupied by the Arawaks and Caribs and later discovered by Columbus in 1493. Later it became a source of conflict between the French and English. In 1783 it became a British possession. Became independent on September 19th, 1983 and is linked with St. Kitts in a Federation. It is known as the Queen of the Caribees.

Nevis’s Natural Attractions

Nevis is famous for it’s wildlife. It has a wide variety of birds and is considered a premier birding spot. Several species of bats have been identified here and whale watching is an awesome experience.

Sea turtles of several varieties abound in the seas and scuba diving is a popular sport enabling one to see the wonder of the seas off Nevis.

Nature trails abound and hiking is popular with the visitor. On such hikes one can be exposed to a variety of medicinal plants which are popularly used on the island.

Of course, Nevis is famous for its central peak soaring to 3,500 in height and which was the first sight to catch Columbus’s eye. The clouds on top of the mountain reminded him of snow and he called the island “Nieves”

Activities Available On The Island

Because of its’s colourful historical past, many of Nevis’s attractions are of a historical nature for instance the Hamilton Estate, the Church where Admiral Horatio Nelson married etc.

Several museums such as the Horatio Nelson Museum should be visited, and the capital Charlestown is a charming reminder of an era past.

Several old plantation houses and estates with interesting stories to be told about them are worth visiting, and a variety of old and interesting churches abound.

The beaches and wildlife and nature attractions are also a drawing card for the visitor.


Try the classic West Indian goat water stew or the freshly grilled lobster at one of the island’s many restaurants. Participate in the chicken and rib cook ups in many of the villages on Friday and Saturday nights, the largest taking place very near the capital Charlestown.


Suggested ways of seeing the island are bicycle/scooter rental, taxis, public buses, as well as drive yourself car rentals. Ferry services are available to St.Kitts leaving at convenient times. Charter flights to neighbouring islands can be arranged by Winair.


Nevis is truly a nature lover’s paradise. Enjoy whale watching, seeing the turtles which abound in the sea. The famous nature trails where one can see the many species of bats or enjoy birdwatching. Also popular on the nature trails is seeing the many medicinal plants which are widely used by the islanders.

Family Vacations:

Nevis is a popular choice for families on vacation. For instance, try the Golden Rock Hotel with its converted sugar mill which offers great accommodation for those with families.

Health and Wellness:

If you interested in natural medicine Nevis has a wide variety of medicinal plants available.


Whether you get married barefoot in the sand or surrounded by the lush foliage and mountain views Nevis is perfect for weddings and they can be easily arranged. Stay on for the honeymoon, a romantic experience. The laid-back atmosphere of the island makes it a perfect spot for those couples who are looking for a quiet get away in a romantic setting.


Nature trails abound where one can see the famous species of bats and birdwatching is a favourite activity Scuba diving is popular as well as whale watching and seeing the sea turtles. Explore the many old plantation and estate house for a glimpse of Nevis’s past. Nevis is rich in history, be sure to visit the church where Nelson got married and the Hamilton estate as well as the Horatio Nelson Museum in the capital.


Nevis has a colourful historical past and many of its attractions are of a historical nature. There are several museums and the capital Charlestown is a charming reminder of an era past. Enjoy the calypso rhythms, the string bands, the Jazz Sundays, the karaoke, the beach parties and bonfires on Sunday nights when cruise ship passengers arrive at Sunshine’s. Cookouts and entertainment in most villages on Friday and Sat. night–lots of music and good food.


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