The new Rogues review videos page lists the many outstanding pre-publication reviews for the Book Rogues in Paradise- The Real Story of Barbados. Rogues is seen as a new standard for travel literature. It combines genre, memoir, travel, humour, essays, historical and cultural elements. It is a delicate weaving of history, place, and heritage in interconnected articles about characters in a complicated past.

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Complex Characters Full of Wit and Humour

Rogues in Paradise characters are complex, some devious, humourous, compassionate and caring, all familiar and compelling, issues we all share in some form. Rogues reviews videos share thoughtful reviews and videos that illustrate the book’s concepts. For example, Rogues in Paradise explores friendship, trust, and whimsical adventure while urging readers to view themselves and others in new and vital ways. In addition, there are life lessons in the lifestyle and culture of Barbados and the Caribbean. Finally, the page contains a video of one of the most insightful chapters about a rogue contemplating his options when convicted of possessing cocaine.

The author gets into his mind to understand the compulsive, paranoid, repetitive nature of his thought process and behavior. It is a riveting example of creative storytelling

The New Rogues Review Videos are Excellent as  –   Editor/Publisher  Donna Hillyer  says:

introducing The new Rogues reviews videos

– I loved how you instantly catapult us into the rhythm of Barbados with Ace, and that carries through – great imagery/scene-setting.


Rogues in Paradise has received praise from the media with references from several publishers.

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Rogues Guide to Islands of the Caribbean