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Rogues complement Washington Black,  by Esi Edugyan –

When reviewing comparative Barbados books, we start with the fact that there is no current book on the market that directly competes with Rogues in Paradise, owing to my mixture of unique characters, historical analysis, and my perspective. In researching and writing this book, I took deliberate steps to bring this fresh approach to a saturated category. It is called “The real story of Barbados” because it focuses on real people, ordinary people, and unsung heroes, with real roots set in slavery who are today masters of a new democratic republic. It is a celebration of freedom and humanity.

Comparative Barbados Books like Washington Black

While there are no comparative Barbados books,  Washington Black, the creative fantasy by Esi Edugyan, reveals the genius of a young Barbadian freed from slavery. Fans of Washington Black will appreciate the deeper explanation of life in the age of Bajan African slavery to emancipation, freedom, self-government, and the Black experience in the colonial days and after. Rogues expand the hot topics like race, multiculturalism, and local tourism. For those who enjoyed  “Wash,” Rogues provides a historical background and paints a picture of life today.

Complementary Books

Complementary books like ‘Hyenas Laughed At Me, Now I Know Why‘ and ‘The Kindness of Strangers‘ are similar in that each offers a variety of stories. Rogues provides a crossover into hot topics like multiculturalism and local tourism, which are central to the story of the people and the destination.

Think Lauren Elkins’ Flaneuse meets Africa Speaks. Like Flaneuse, ROGUES weaves together people, place, and history. And like Africa-Speaks, ROGUES is a rhythmic portrait of black roots, language, and character.

Classic Travel Books

Bill Bryson’s humorous travel writing uses satire, sarcasm, irony, and wit to describe the world around him. In Rogues, the real, local Bajan people are the focus, and it is their wit, warmth, and Character that is the story.

In a curious twist, Rogues is a mystery that starts by asking: how are the descendants of these extraordinary people who were so inhumanly treated, so full of life and fun? History uncovers many truths that make a difference. The book also provides a comparative discussion of slavery within the Caribbean and amongst the different colonial nations. For example, the French accepted former slaves into France’s elite.

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The Real Story of Barbados

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