Rogues History of Barbados

“The Rogues’ History of Barbados” offers a refreshing and alternative narrative that captures the essence of the island’s spirit. The original historical accounts were written by colonial masters, that reflects their biases and perspectives. In contrast, the rogues’ history takes a bold departure by centering on the everyday people of Barbados, providing a more inclusive and representative account of the island’s past. They are the unsung heroes who are the reason why visitors return again and again to Barbados.

The nonfiction creative narrative unfolds as a celebration of the Bajan character, emphasizing the local population’s resilience, creativity, and diversity. Focusing on the experiences, struggles, and triumphs of ordinary Barbadians, the “Rogues History” unearths the untold stories that have shaped the island’s identity.

rogues history of Barbados

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An essential aspect of this alternative history is its critical examination of Barbados’ heritage. It acknowledges the historical realities of Barbados as a former slave colony. It delves into the complexities of the island’s transformation from colonial rule to a sovereign republic. The shift from a colonial past to a republic with a predominantly Black and multiracial population is explored in depth, highlighting the challenges, triumphs, and the continuous struggle for self-determination.  This sheds light on the evolution of the island’s political landscape. From being a colony under external governance to achieving independence and establishing a representative government, the narrative underscores the agency and resilience of the Bajan people in shaping their political destiny.

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When I was building the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia (, the first official website of the Barbados Tourism Authority, I met many local characters who were brimming with life, wit, and wisdom. One of these characters was Debro, a fruit vendor who is featured in the book RoguesinParadise. Before this, tourism brochures had predominantly featured tourists enjoying serene beaches and luxurious resorts, perpetuating the idea that this was the primary interest of prospective visitors. However, we knew travelers were adventurers keen on exploring the island’s history, heritage, and local life. We set out to change the narrative and were the first travel website to showcase a local Bajan on its home page. With Debro’s consent, she became the star, her inviting smile encouraging all to come and experience the authenticity of Barbados.

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The response was overwhelmingly positive, and soon, emerged as the most popular tourism site for the island. It had set the stage to put locals first. This evolved into the book of Rogues History with a Bajan perspective. It traces African roots with DNA and features history and the Black experienceNaturally, we view the word “Rogues” positively, stressing the bold rascals that shaped much of our world today.

History of RoguesinParadise

“Rogues in Paradise,” as the book is titled, serves as a testament to the power of alternative narratives in reclaiming and reshaping history. The book contributes to a holistic understanding of Barbados’ past and present by amplifying the voices of those often marginalized or silenced. It is a valuable resource for those seeking a comprehensive and inclusive perspective on Barbadian history, including African heritage and DNA of everyday people.

This Book starts with the everyday people of Barbados, laying the foundation for a deep analysis of heritage and culture. Once a treasured British colony, Barbados is now a republic with a primarily Black and multiracial population and a representative republic government.

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