Rogues Maps – FMG Mapping Technology. The various maps and Geographic Information Systems used in Rogues in Paradise and Barbados org have their origins in the Fundy Main and Georges Back (FMG) project. This was funded through an innovation competition grant by ACOA in Atlantic Canada. GeoAXSES was the GIS  technology platform.

George’s Banks is a vital resource that has been much studied. Canada has extended its protection area several times to ensure the viability of natural fish stocks and protection against oil exploration. These resources are along an area of the Atlantic where currents move north and south, impacting Canada and the coastal USA.

Rogues Maps – FMG Mapping Technology project was considered one of the most advanced of its kind. It was based on the AXSES GeoAXSES platform,  a product by  Ian R Clayton, Author, and Digital System Specialist.  The project involved the government, industry, education, and environmental scientists along the Eastern shores of Atlantic Canada and the USA.  The technology was used to create the navigation of Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia and interactive maps in Rogues in Paradise.

Rogues Maps - FMG Mapping Technology



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– GeoAXSES FMG Project – InfoAtlas technology powering Rogues Maps

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Rogues Maps - FMG Mapping Technology A GeoAXSES Mapping Platform

Rogues Maps - FMG Mapping Technology of the super highwayPowering Rogues Maps

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