The anecdotal story of David Trotman is featured in Chapter 8 of Rogues in Paradise. The Story is about the genealogy of   Diamond in the Rough. David deals in precious gems, and his story is an inspiration of survival against the odds. Roots and Genealogy of “Diamonds in the Rough” tells the story of his heritage- It is not complete as the DNA analysis is still to come.

Genealogy of Diamonds in the Rough

diamons in the rough
David is disarmingly soft-spoken and gentle. He has a keen insight and intuition and a consistently positive attitude. He immediately puts you at ease with a soothing manner and a warm, welcoming voice.

He never knew his father and can’t tell much about his heritage. “It does not matter,” he says, “whatever way you look at it, I am 100% Bajan.”

His mother had 4 children, each with a different father, none of whom he knew. He is interested in learning more about his African roots and senses his love of nature and his interest in precious gems is a heritage of his African roots.

“While still a toddler, my mother left to work in England, and I never saw her again. Granny did all she could to make ends meet. She died suddenly when I was just 10.”

At that time, he became ill and could not walk. Doctors had no idea what the problem was. His leg and hip twisted and buckled, and there was no cure. He had to learn a new way to walk, and he was left to fend for himself.

Accra beach- by davis shop- genealogy of diamonds in the roght in process

Accra Beach by Davids Shop

“I had only one pair of jeans and a shirt. I swam here in the ocean every morning and washed my clothes. Then I walked the beach to dry them. That way, I always had clean cloth to greet people I met.

Genealogy of Diamonds in the Rough

David Trotman tells his story

“I cut the legs of the jeans and fashioned a body strap that allowed me to carry suntan oils and black corals that I would dive for. The oils I got wholesale and decanted.”

With a deep spiritual interest, he learned the properties of stones and gems and selected pieces to suit every occasion and temperament.

Precious gems are diamonds in the rough - genealogy

His gentle approach to selling on the beach won him loyal clients, and sales were good. Slowly it grew into a business of importing semi-precious gems and making purposeful jewelry.

He married Darla, bought a delightful seaside house and made it into a trendy restaurant, opened an art gallery, and looked for the opportunity to grow.

“I did what made me happy and always sought to do what might make me a better person.”

Diamonds in the Rought in Action

diamands in the rought in action

A pretty girl passed by his stall and smiled. “Come, come,” he said, dangling a necklace of gems. “I will make you a movie star.” That was his way of making contact and offering his gems. She was a sport and was soon wearing the jewels.

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A Winning Attitude

As his business grew, David had expanded into importing semi-precious gems and making hand-crafted jewelry. He also opened a restaurant and art gallery with his wife Darla.

Throughout his journey, David remained focused on personal growth and self-improvement. Despite not knowing much about his heritage, he was content with the person he had become and was grateful for the opportunities that life had given him.

David has volunteered to do the DAN test, it will be exciting to learn of his origins and trace his remarkable character back to his ancestrial roots.


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Genealogy Started

This is the list of all Rogues who have started the Geneology process- Which means there is some ancestry information. It will include those who have completed the DAN ancestry research. To see those with DNA complete, see the list below

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