Christmas thoughts to all around.
May peace and love soon be found.
I pray that humanity will abound
and shells no longer hit the ground!

May the spirit of Christmas bring joy, unity, respect, and kindness to people everywhere: To Jews, Gentiles, Arabs, Asians, and every belief and persuasion.

We are all human beings torn apart by needless rage and suffering. It’s time to Stop!

How War is Destroying our Universe – in Verse

“War destroys the planet- pumping greenhouse gases into our air, changing climate,  increasing global warming. It pulverizes cities, people, and all life, but they dont care. War is greedy and self-serving, caring naught for those who disagree. It does not discriminate, dropping bombs and missiles everywhere, killing hundreds to get at one. How do we stop it when all the might and power rest in the hands of those with much to gain? Perpetuating their cause, like selling lethal weapons to both sides. Profiting from ending lives, money down the drain, it is all just so insane.” Santa’s prayers might help. – Ian R. Clayton

Here are a few places you can visit and donate if you can.

Santa Prays for Peace!

Save the Children

Save the Children’s Humanitarian Response · Distributing more essential supplies, such as water, food, toiletries and household essentials · Providing fuel and .

UN Aid – How to Help Palestine

Palestine refugees at Khan Yunus camp in Gaza, near the Egyptian border. Nearly 200,000 refugees, mostly women and children were placed in the Gaza area, of a total of some 750,000 in camps and assembly centres throughout Palestine and adjacent countries. ©UN Photo [12/01/1948]

Humanitarian Coalition Canada

Humanitarian coalition

We are glad to announce that with the strong support of our members, we have raised over $28 million for the Gaza Humanitarian Emergency, including a $13.77 …

Search Google – >>> More Ways to Help

See  also call to action >>>>>


What the Media Says

December 24, 2023 – 20,000 killed in Gaza. Many were children who had no part in war.
December 27, 2023  21,320 Palestinian deaths since Oct. 7 0- Ahmed Asmar in Ankara
January 2, 2024 – 22,185 Palestinians have now been killed -Al Jazeera

Washington Post – Wher We Are

Israel is waging a military campaign in Gaza at a pace and level of devastation that likely exceeds any recent conflict, according to a Washington Post analysis. The Post also found that Israel has dropped giant bombs near hospitals.

In a phone call with Netanyahu, President Biden emphasized the need to protect civilians and free hostages still held by Hamas, The White House said. Netanyahu thanked Biden after the United States abstained from voting on a U.N. resolution that demanded pauses in the fighting, aid deliveries, and the release of hostages.

Just under two million people have been displaced, about eight-five percent of the population. There is nowhere for them to go!

Aljazeera – Christians Rebel

Amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza, Palestinian Christians are refusing to celebrate Christmas. The situation is dire for journalists, and it is escalating. Since the commencement of Israel’s war on Gaza on October 7, over 100 journalists have lost their lives, as indicated by recent figures released by the government media office in Gaza.

Israeli attacks have led to the complete or partial destruction of more than 50 media premises or offices in Gaza, contributing to the displacement of hundreds of Palestinian journalists and their families to the southern regions. Compounding the challenges, media workers were compelled to leave behind their reporting equipment in northern offices, forcing them to operate and report under challenging conditions, exacerbated by frequent communication blackouts. The situation highlights the severe impact of the conflict on both the celebration of cultural and religious events and the essential work of journalists in the region.

 The BBC – Isreals’ Heavy Price?

Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel paying a ‘heavy price’. That is a remarkable statement when you consider that 20 million Palestinians were killed. that against 300 Israelis killed on Oct 7 and about 200 military personnel since then!

For an update on these numbers, check Google ->>>

On Friday, December 22, the UN Security Council approved a resolution demanding large-scale aid deliveries to Gaza – but this, too, stopped short of calling for a ceasefire between the two warring sides. Talks held in Egypt earlier this week designed to secure a fresh truce between Israel and Hamas have so far failed to deliver results. A Palestinian official familiar with the ceasefire negotiations told the BBC that Egypt presented a new three-stage plan that would begin with a two-week humanitarian truce – which could be extended – during which Hamas would release 40 hostages, and Israel would release 120 Palestinian prisoners.

This stage would be followed by forming an independent body to deal with humanitarian relief and reconstruction, as well as a comprehensive ceasefire and an exchange of prisoners.

Has Hamas Already Won

JERUSALEM, Dec 13 (Reuters) – “Almost three in four Palestinians believe the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas on Israel was correct, and the ensuing Gaza war has lifted support for the Islamist group both there and in the West Bank, a survey from a respected Palestinian polling institute found,” Whatever happens next, Hamas will be remembered.

Few may condone the horrific attack and brutality of October 7th, but can it ever be forgiven?  Can Israel forgive Hamas? Can Palestine forgive the horrors of Israel’s response?


Is There Hope

Few may condone the horrific attack and brutality of October 7th, but can it ever be forgiven?  Can Israel forgive Hamas? Can Palestine forgive the horrors of Israel’s response?

While the media focuses on violence, there are and always have been groups consisting of Jews and Palestinians who, despite having lost loved ones in the conflict, are actively working together for peace. Nils von Kalm shares a personal encounter that gives hope. Read his account of enemies consumed by rage, realizing vengeance would not bring back his daughter, he chose to dedicate himself to the cause of peace.

Neil cites Desmond Tutu’s words; “there is no future without forgiveness. “Clearly, by his examples, forgiveness is possible, but it will take time.


Call to Action

 War destroys our environment and produces noxious greenhouse gases,  adding to global warming, and resource depletion, among other environmental consequences. The world needs to unite to increase awareness of the universal effects of military activities and demand action to mitigate the destruction of our planet. Modern warfare threatens all societies and all people everywhere. — More see Wikipedia

As responsible citizens, we can raise awareness and foster a collective commitment to preventing the devastation caused by armed conflicts.  Here are some suggestions to consider:

Join Global Citizen for Your Cause

Global Citizen’s motto is “Join the movement, change the world.” –

Three Primary Issues:
Defend Poverty – Defend The Planet – Defend Equity

Start your Own Initiative!

Peace will not exist without understanding and forgiveness- We cannot agree if we do bot understand- If we cannot forgive we live in the past!

  1. Advocate for Diplomacy and Peace: Support initiatives prioritizing peaceful negotiations and conflict resolution over military actions. Encourage local and global communities to dialogue and seek diplomatic solutions.
  2. Raise Environmental Awareness: Acknowledge the significant environmental toll of warfare. Share information about the greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, and resource depletion resulting from military activities, and emphasize the need for sustainable practices.
  3. Build Global Solidarity: Connect with like-minded individuals and organizations worldwide who share a common goal of promoting peace and environmental stewardship. Collaborate on projects that transcend borders and embody the values of compassion and cooperation.
  4. Spread the Word: Utilize various platforms, including social media, community events, and educational channels, to educate others about the critical link between war, environmental degradation, and the loss of innocent lives. Spark conversations that emphasize the urgency of global cooperation.
  5. Support Humanitarian Causes: Stand in solidarity with those affected by armed conflicts. Contribute to humanitarian organizations working tirelessly to alleviate the suffering of innocent civilians caught in the crossfire, particularly children.
  6. Demand Accountability: Hold governments accountable for their actions that lead to armed conflicts. Advocate for transparent policies that prioritize peace, diplomacy, and environmental responsibility.
  7. Elect Humanitarian Leaders. Those who understand the global implications of war for its own sake and its vested interest. We need leaders who will lead and speak with empathy and conviction to change attitudes and self-interests for the good of all.

By uniting across borders and raising our collective voices, we can work towards a world where the destructive impact of war no longer endangers our environment, atmosphere, and the lives of innocent people. Let us be champions of peace and stewards of our planet, fostering a sustainable environment for future generations.