Story of Barbados People has a  new Review by Calum Glenny; He says; Ian R. Clayton’s book, “Rogues in Paradise,” provided a unique and engaging perspective on the island’s rich history and colorful characters. Barbados has faced its share of challenges throughout its history, including the brutal legacy of slavery and colonialism.”

However, as Ian notes, the spirit of the Bajan people has remained strong and resilient. Barbados’s people have maintained their unique culture and sense of community despite their hardships. “The warmth and hospitality of the Bajan people are a significant part of what makes the island such a special place to visit.”  Their unique blend of African, British, and Caribbean cultures and distinctive history and heritage has created a vibrant community.

“Ian skilfully visits Barbados’ history and life on the island, including its troublesome times, missing no issues while delving into the lives of characters such as the proud Queen Bee (Peggy) on the new high-tech medical stretcher, Rex Wooton, and his Chalky Mount Caper with the ‘stolen’ construction lights. Also ‘Fred’ and his hilarious courtroom escapade attempting to save the Race Horse Bathing at Pebbles Beach.”

I hope that you continue to enjoy your visits to Barbados and deepen your understanding and appreciation of its history and people

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Calum Glennys  Review of Rogues in Paradise!

Story of Barbados Peple -Rogues In Paradise Review

Review by Calum Glenny

The book in the above photo is planted into the sand at Bath. A similar image is used on the cover of Rogues in Paradise.

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Sample of a Real Rogue

One of the exceptional rogues, Ace took a few wrong steps but is clean and clear, working hard and going straight. A wonderful example of character reformed for a charming man.

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