An outstanding review of Rogues in Paradise is noted as one of the Best Historical Narratives. This synopsis of the Review by Savyasachee Jha of Reedsy,  calls the Rogues’ Barbados Story an outstanding example of Caribbean Literature with the rhythm of  Roald Dahl and  Ruskin Bond.


“A wonderfully unexpected book- History with a soul.”

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“Rogues in Paradise” is a delightful homage to the enchanting island of Barbados, brimming with elegance, wit, and a touch of humor that keeps you utterly captivated. It is a notable example of Caribbean Literature among the best historical narratives.

Ian R. Clayton, a seasoned traveler and tourism expert, invites readers on a charming journey through the Afro-British Caribbean culture of Barbados, introducing the eclectic blend of its everyday and extraordinary inhabitants.

This collection of real stories, Clayton’s debut Non-Fiction Novel, offers a thoughtful, humorous, and, at times, provocative exploration of a world in constant flux. It beckons us to delve into the island’s history, people, and vibrant culture, from Slavery to becoming a republic.

The people of Barbados come to life through a series of character vignettes painted with colors as vivid as the artworks of Woolly Hewitt.

The stories, filled with warmth and humor, unravel the complexities of humanity, heritage, and cultural responsibility. While embracing a whimsical writing style, the book poses a profound question: How do the Bajans remain so resilient after enduring three centuries of slavery? As history and storytelling interweave, the narrative expands beyond personal observation to provide a rich contextual backdrop for understanding how individuals navigate modern life while carrying the weight of a complex past.

At its core, “Rogues in Paradise” redefines the idea of unity and the pursuit of the greater good. It celebrates cultural identity, friendship, and the thrill of adventure, but more profoundly, it exalts the indomitable human spirit that resides in each of us.

The journey commences with the tale of Ace, the first rogue in this narrative, and from there, we traverse a mosaic of characters and places in this unique blend of memoir and travelogue.

The writing style exudes whimsy and reveals the author’s deep affection for the island and its people. It offers a charming, almost old-world portrayal of this Caribbean gem and its inhabitants.

The prose, a testament to the author’s talent, is far from the typical travelogue, with echoes of Roald Dahl’s storytelling in “Boy” and the initial chapters of “Going Solo.” I see the similarity to Ruskin Bond’s lyrical flow and rhythms, yet it maintains a distinctive originality.

Each character springs to life from the pages, their essence vividly portrayed, much like the visual artistry of Woolly Hewitt or Darla Trotman. Even without explicit physical descriptions, readers effortlessly form mental images of each character. It is a fascinating portrait of Island Life and the Bajan way.

Descriptions of places possess their rhythmic quality, vividly painting the mental canvas with colors and shapes. The inclusion of poetry adds an extra layer of charm, tempting readers to recite these verses aloud.
When you finally close the book, you do so with a contented smile, realizing that what felt like a fleeting five minutes was, in reality, an engaging hour and a half.

Reading “Rogues in Paradise” is not an effort; it’s pure joy.

In summary, this book is an uplifting, entertaining, and wholly immersive experience. A must-read for anyone seeking a literary journey that celebrates the human spirit.

– Savyasachee Jha  – Reedsy Publishing Professionals


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“A wonderfully unexpected book- History with a soul.”

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Rogues Historical Narrative- History with a Soul


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