Who are the Rogues in Paradise

rogues are part of the patchwork of the people of barbados- Slave rogues and one of the types of rogues featured in the blog on what does rogue mean

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Rogues in this book are empathetic and charming independent-minded people.   African Bajans are the real heroes of this saga. Many are roguish individuals with uncanny wisdom, wit, and antics that will surprise you. When slavery was abolished, most colonial mobsters packed their stolen fortunes and retired to the motherland, leaving future generations repay for their sins. Only the committed remains,  some, along with outstanding Afro-Bajans, were honored as knights and national heroes for their leadership and contribution to the community.  These and the many ordinary heroes are the people we honour as Rogues in Paradise.

Throughout history, there have been several types of rogues– Ranging from Noble Rogues, and King Arthur’s Knights of the round table to everyday rascals and rebels. In the Caribbean, Pirates, Rogues, and Rebel Slaves were examples of men and women who lived by their own rules. In this book, rogues mean people of character who make a difference.

The Rebel slave Bussa symbolized the anger of all slaves. He was a Rogue who did not accept colonial rule and centuries of inhuman bondage. In that respect, many of his fellow African-Barbados enslaved people were also rogues. Some were more volatile than others, but no one with any humanity could ever accept slavery. The move to abolish it was in high gear, but many, like Bussa, were impatient and eager to push if forward.  They were all Rogues, who refused to accept this awful crime against humanity. More about the history and people of Barbados.


Barbados Rogues in Paradise

There is a measure of the ‘Rogue Character’ in all the people in the book. Whether they are Knights, Dames, artists. coconut runners, vendors, and ordinary folk, all are fiercely independent-minded and brimming with the personality of the charming Rogue.


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