Who is Rogues in Paradise for

While Rogues in Paradise is light and cheerful it also deals with heavy issues of race, slavery, and discrimination. It dives deep into roots,  and character to reveal a little know essence of people and place, focusing on Barbados. While it has a broad audience, it especially appeals to readers interested in cultural diversity, to discerning travelers who like to see beyond the obvious, and those interested in Caribbean culture, history, and heritage.

The three primary audiences are:

1. Diversity

Those who value cultural diversity and racial representation are an audience for whom this will be a natural draw. With such conversations at the forefront of worldwide culture today, the number of young adults who fall into this category is large—and only growing. ROGUES traces the tragedy of the British  Slave Trade to becoming an independent democratic republic.  The lively set of characters share their inspired, fun tales of living in paradise and dealing with a troubled past.

Readers interested in history will appreciate the deep dive into heritage and character and the use of DNA analysis to trace and represent the characters’ roots.

-PROFILE: Literature readers, college-educated, higher-income, knowledge seekers

2. Travelers

Those who self-identify as travel fans and those for whom essay collections appeal. With so many stories in the collection, readers are sure to find themselves—or their ideal version of themselves—in the pages. Drawn by familiarity into a deeper universe they might not have thought to explore otherwise.

-PROFILE: Readers interested in Travel, Adventure, Discovery, and Self Awareness.

3. Barbados Caribbean  Culture

This work will appeal to readers interested in learning about the Caribbean, especially those hoping to visit Barbados. Rogues showcases what is truly unique about the people of Barbados, from descendants of the early colonials to Bajans with roots in Africa . Journeying through anecdotes and history with a playful, celebratory tone makes the charms of its subject matter irresistible.

-PROFILE:  Caribbean diaspora, fun, sun, escape, and those interested in colonial history, culture, roots, and African heritage

Revealing Insights

The work also has profound insights and analysis that reveal a truly unique culture. While many consider the Caribbean a homogenous community of like-minded people with a shared history, heritage, and character, this is not the case. As ROGUES illustrates, Barbados’ history and character differ from any other.

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