If you are going on holiday to the Caribbean, you are in for a treat for a world of vibrant scenery, amazing beaches, beautiful waterfalls and breath-taking harbors.

Also, you will undoubtedly be purchasing postcards to send back home. The Caribbean is one of the most photogenic regions of the world and for this reason it might take you quite a while selecting the best postcards with the best pictures.

You will see a list of postcards below from various islands of the Caribbean. Not all of the islands are covered in this post, but you will see a few.

Anguilla Postcard

Anguilla is an island found in the eastern Caribbean Sea. It is located about 12 miles north of St. Martin Island and is the most northerly of the Leeward Islands.

Anguilla is known for its fun and easy-going vibrant atmosphere as well as the sensational beaches.

Anguilla is 35 square miles in area and is a popular tourist destination.

Antigua Postcard

Columbus discovered the island of Antigua in 1493. He gave it the name that it still preserves. It was inhabited in the Carib Indian era.

The United Kingdom established a colony in Barbuda in 1632. In 1661, Barbuda was inhabited by a group of settlers.

It was made an Autonomous State in 1967 and became associated with Great Britain. It gained independence within the British Commonwealth of Nations on November 1st, 1981 and was given the current name of Antigua and Barbuda.

It is an independent state that currently lies east of the Caribbean Sea and belongs to the Lesser Antilles.

It is composed of three islands (of which the Leeward ones are Antigua, Barbuda, and Redonda from the windward group. There are also many other islands.

The climate is tropical, with a dry season.

Tourism is the mainstay of the economy. Tourism is a major industry. It includes the production of fruits, sugarcane, and cotton, as well as petroleum refining, textile, cabinetmaking, and rum production.

Antigua is home to 65,900 people, making it the most important. It has beautiful beaches of fine sand.

Saint John’s is the capital and major port in the north-west.

The majority of the population descends from slaves in Africa.

It is the island where the most expensive and luxurious yachts are anchored. There are many private islands and areas, but the beaches are open to all.

Barbados Postcard

Barbados is a beautiful island in the Caribbean’s windward islands. Barbados is a name that means “bearded one” and is a reference to the fig trees that were used by explorers on their trips to the area several centuries ago. Because of its strong historical connections to the UK, Barbados is sometimes called “Little Britain”. The British actually settled Barbados in 1627. The island has been a popular holiday destination ever since.

Tourism is a way to keep your economy afloat. The majority of stations are located on the west coast. Barbados has many beautiful beaches and offers rum distilleries as well as caves, surfing catamaran cruises, and golf. Barbados’ cuisine is diverse. Try flying fish with a spicy sauce and Nacho (a delicious pork stew). You will most likely arrive at Lord Grantley Adams International Airport by boat or plane. It is located close to Bridgetown.

  • Capital City – Bridgetown
  • Language – English

Dominica Postcard

Dominica is an island country located in the Lesser Antilles region south of Guadeloupe, and northwest of Martinique. Dominica is known for its lush rainforests, warm tropical climate and wide range of water- and land-based activities. Roseau, Dominica’s capital, is found on the west coast. The city boasts a mixture of French colonial architecture and modern architecture, as well as impressive waterfalls and relaxing hot springs.

Roseau, Capital City

Languages – English and French PatoisDominica, an island nation in the Lesser Antilles region south of Guadeloupe is northwest of Martinique. Dominica, known for its lush rainforests, warm tropical climate and wide range of water activities, is a popular holiday spot. Roseau, Dominica’s capital, is found on the

west coast. The city boasts a mixture of French colonial architecture and modern architecture, as well as impressive waterfalls and relaxing hot springs. English is the official language, and the Eastern Caribbean dollar is the currency. Canefield Airport is the main transport to the island, located near Portsmouth. Melville Hall Airport is located close to Roseau.

  • Capital city – Roseau
  • Language – English and French Patois

Trinidad and Tobago Postcard

Trinidad and Tobago, although it is the most industrialized of the Caribbean countries, is home to incredible scenery and an array of amazing attractions. The country is home to vast stretches of unspoiled desert because tourism isn’t a major part of its economy. English is the official language. Trinidad and Tobago Dollars are the principal currency. Port of Spain, the capital city, is the national language.

Even for the Caribbean, the population is diverse, and everyone lives together harmoniously. There are three sprawling mountain ranges that run across the country. You can bike, hike and have lots of fun. Trinidad and Tobago is well-known for its beaches and coral reefs as well as forts and golf courses. Try some spicy and hot rotis.

Capital city – Port of Spain

Language – English, Spanish, Caribbean dialect of Hindi is also spoken in some areas as well as French and Chinese.

Grenada Postcard

Grenada, also known as “The Island of Spice”, has more to offer that just beautiful beaches. It actually consists of several smaller islands. They are located northeast of Trinidad and Tobago and southwest of Saint Vincent and

The Grenadines. Named after the variety of species produced here, such as nutmeg and cinnamon, ginger, cacao, and cloves, English is the official language. The Eastern Caribbean dollar is used as the currency and Saint George is its capital.

Granada has a year-round average temperature of 75 to 87 degrees with chilling trade winds. Air travellers arrive at Maurice Bishop International Airport, where they then board ferries to different islands, such as Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique. There are many amazing things to see in Granada, including waterfalls, forts and spice farms, spice gardens and flower gardens. Sailing, snorkelling, and diving are some of the activities available.

You should make sure you have some vanilla, nutmeg and rum before you go out. It is very inexpensive and delicious.

  • Capital city – San Jorge
  • Language – English

St. Lucia Postcard

St.Lucia is a charming Commonwealth island that can be found off the coasts of Central America and northern Trinidad and Tobago. His most treasured and well-known pythons are coincidence and cone-shaped beaks. Castries is the capital. The Eastern Caribbean dollar is the official currency. English is the main language.

You won’t be bored with unique attractions such as a drive-in volcano and sulphur springs. You can hike up to the Summit of Gros Piton and enjoy rum punch. Also, you will be able to try charcoal pot, a local dish. Keep an eye out for community barbecues with chicken, pork, and other delicious dishes.

  • Capital City – Castries
  • Language – English and French-based Creole

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